Everything IS Bigger in Texas, Especially Our Seminars!

Texas is always an adventure, and the Dallas course was phenomenal! Dentists love our amplification course, and our speakers are beyond top-notch. John Tucker, DMD, DABDSM, DICOI always leads the group in a conducive direction. Dr. Dennis Bailey adds value beyond the classroom and his newly published book, ‘Dental Management of Sleep Disorders’ reinforces his passion and expertise in this area. A special thank you to Jeffrey Wyscarver for presenting crucial and compelling information on the GEMPro! Our attendees LOVED your presentations. Thank you, Allan Simon for putting this event together, you’re a rockstar!

The hands-on spray and stretch component of the seminar is engaging.  If you’re new to the idea, the Spray and Stretch is a technique used in physical medicine and first advocated by Travell and Simons to address myofascial (muscle) pain both diagnostically and therapeutically. It may be used to determine if the source of the pain is in fact muscular. By using a vapocoolant spray (Ethyl Chloride or Spray and Stretch – both a product from Gebauer) one can determine if the pain or limited range of motion is truly muscular and caused by the muscles of the head, neck or face (masticatory). The principle is based on counter-irritation of the muscle thereby reducing or eliminating the pain and/or improving range of motion. If successful the patient can be taught how to utilize this or in most cases gives credibility to the need for Physical Therapy.

Team members also appreciate our course, since we provide a special breakout session just for them – catering exclusively to the team and their roles in a successful airway and breathing disorders practice. A BIG thank you to Tammy Caldwell, the instructor of the breakout session, who consistently keeps the team on point and interested. Her demo area is always a fun place to be. Tammy demonstrated taking bite registrations with Airway Metrics from Kettenbach, team members usually have a little too much fun with her!


Check out our 2020 dates, now posted on our NEW website! We hope to see you in the classroom soon!

-Dallas Amplification Course Pictures-



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