Copy of Unusual Suspects of Sleep Apnea

TEEmonial – An Orthodontist in Texas

John Tucker’s course is everything I was looking for and much more, to get an understanding of sleep and how to intergrate sleep into my dental practice.  I am an Orthodontist and feel that screening and making Oral Appliances is an important part of assisting patients in getting help.  I do not pretend to be a Sleep Doctor, but I can help patients once that have a diagnosis from a Sleep Doctor.

The course(s) have been invaluable in my journey to learn about sleep disorders.  The connections and advice on what companies to partner with have been a time saver and have proved to be exactly what I needed.

I started a new company for my Sleep Appliance practice, and we presently do 6-8 appliances per month, that number is growing every month as the word spreads.  The reward for this is seeing how much the patients appreciate the help they are getting and adding to the bottom line.  Following the advice of Tucker’s teachings has made the transition so smooth and easy.

If integrating Sleep into your practice is something you are looking to do, Tucker’s course is a MUST!

Greg Greenberg DDS

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