Reimbursement is NOT a Four-Letter Word


This is important for our attendees to understand.  No, it is not a four-letter word, it’s actually just a moving target. Meaning – it takes practice, discipline, precision, and understanding.

This is the one topic no one seems to address adequately, either for the patient or the doctor.  At Tucker Educational Excellence, we view reimbursement as the moving target in the management of sleep breathing disorders.  The mystery of this is addressed in great detail during our seminars, with solutions for all.

 We show you how to hit the (reimbursement) mark, as well as overcome all the hurdles commonly associated with airway & breathing disorders management.

Join us in 2020, and we will help you and your team navigate the world of airway & breathing disorders. All the faculty involved at Tucker Educational Excellence are wet-fingered dentists and assistants – this is what they do inside and outside the classroom.  Our faculty uses the protocols they teach in their own practices, and they work.  Thus, the creation of the Complete Program.


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