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Solutions to Common Hurdles in Airway & Breathing Disorders

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – Reimbursement is NOT a Four-Letter Word!


One of the biggest reasons why dentists stop their efforts in screening and treating patients for airway & breathing disorders is navigating the choppy waters of medical insurance and reimbursement.  All our faculty at Tucker Educational Excellence are wet-fingered dentists and assistants who have been in airway & breathing disorders management for well over a decade.  They have experienced these issues within their own practices, and have solutions to overcome these hurdles.


 Introducing, the Complete Program.


In addition to reimbursement being an issue to overcome, training the team and obtaining a diagnosis are the two other main reasons why dental offices throw in the ‘DSM’ towel.


 During our two-day courses, we provide a roadmap on how to overcome these hurdles, and it begins with our Essentials Course.   After completion of the Essentials Course, attendees return back for our Amplification Course.


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