Copy of talking to patients

TEEmonials from Baltimore

Dr. A from PA – “The lecture content was very specific and organized.  I was amazed at the depth of knowledge and variety of info covered.”


Mrs. G from VA – “I would not change anything in this course. I am super excited to get back to work and start. I would like my other assistants to be trained in this also.”


Mrs. F from PA –  “Thank you for the flash drive!  This will help when I return back to work.”


Mrs. A from PA  – “The hands-on approach was fantastic.  Thank you!”


Mrs. B from VA – “Thank you for being so knowledgeable and patient us beginners! I really enjoyed your class, happy to have taken it!”


Mr. A from VA – “This course certainly helped supplement my current knowledge base.”


Mrs. A from PA – “Hands-on was great!!”



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