Has this ever happened to you?  You attend a two-day seminar in airway & breathing disorders management, only to return back to the office on Monday totally confused, instructors don’t return your calls or reply to your emails, not knowing where to begin, feeling uninspired, not confident, and feel like your investment was a total waste of time and money?

We’re TIRED of hearing about these kind of experiences, and want our dental colleagues to know that TEE CARES about your success, practice, education, bottom line and patients!


We promise to…


-NEVER take your money and run.

-Always be available to you.

-Never leave you hanging.

-Always deliver education in a way that is not complicated.

-Deliver great value with an experienced faculty that has treated thousands of patients.

-Stay dedicated to your success and provide excellent follow-up to our seminar programs.




Because we are four passionate people who genuinely CARE about your practice.


See what our attendees have to say about how much TEE C.A.R.E.S.





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