The Amplified Course – With TEE

What to Expect


Now that you have completed the basic implementation of dental sleep medicine into your practice, it’s time to consider your next steps for growing this patient service.  When you attend our Amplification course, you will leave with the following upgrades in:


Amplification Course Layout


– Basic Review of Sleep, “Breathing Disorders and Neurobiology”
– Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep
– Health and Medical Conditions Related to Sleep
– Sleep Bruxism Updated
– Myofunctional Therapy
– Sleep-Related TMD/TMJ/OFP
– Management of the Edentulous Patient
– Imaging for Breathing Disorders
– Review of Oral Appliances
– Attendee Case Review(s)
– Follow-Up Testing
– Other Sleep Disorders of  Concern



Upcoming Amplification Course Dates

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