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Use All This Free Time For Education! What Webinar Topics Do You Want To Learn?



Haven’t you been asking for all this extra time lately?  Well, now we all have it!  The question is, what to do with it all?  There are two choices…We could just couch potato it out, OR use this time to catch up on educational topics we’ve been meaning to dig deeper in.  Tucker Educational Excellence is offering a free webinar series!  Yes, CEU’s will be issued, too!

We want to ask our community, what do you want us to focus on in Airway & Breathing Disorders?  Is it any involvement with patient flow?  Appointments?  Bites and impressions?  Sleep testing, insurance or physician referrals?  Is it co-morbidities?   What about go-to studies and statistics to keep handy?  YOU TELL US and we will deliver!


Make your submissions here:  [email protected].  NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS!!



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