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Webinar – Adapt and Move Into The Future of Dental Sleep Medicine

Tucker Educational Excellence Webinar Series


Webinar Title – Adapt and Move Into The Future of Dental Sleep Medicine

Fee – $99.00

Original Air Date – 4/9/20


Are you wondering how to sustain and/or grow your Airway & Breathing Disorders practice despite the current COVID-19 climate? On this webinar, sleep-related industry leaders will discuss new methods to adapt and evolve your sleep practice to fit into ‘the new normal’, all while staying within the recommended guidelines of the CDC, WHO, and the ADA. Our presenters will discuss the future of Dental Sleep Medicine’s end-to-end process including telemedicine, home sleep testing, medical billing, and therapy – by focusing on the following topics:


▪ How to reach your patients via telemed now


▪ How to tag in sleep MDs via telemed to order your patients’ sleep tests


▪ How to work with a direct-to-patient, home sleep testing company


▪ How to work with a medical biller who delivers you your patient’s insurance coverage in 48 hours, automatically initiates pre-auth’s, and will even host the financial consult for you




-John Tucker, Founder of Tucker Educational Excellence

-Randy Curran, CEO & Founder Pristine Medical Billing

-Ryan C. Javanbakht, President & CEO SleepTest.com

-Haramandeep Singh, M.D., D.ABPN, Board Certified in Sleep Medicine


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