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Education Will Always Find a Way – One-On-One Training During a Pandemic

2020 has been strange, to say the least. Canceled annual dental meetings, canceled CE seminars, and practice doors mandated to be closed. What is the dentist to do? At TEE, our philosophy is the dentist should be doing all he/she can to be ready to hit the ground running when life opens back up again. Were you ramping up your sleep-side, then COVID-19 hit? Our advice is to continue to ramp-up, and be ready to HIT IT when we can.


This is why TEE is offering in-person lectures, online webinars, and our most popular offering at the moment – in-office training sessions. Our in-office training sessions are tailored specifically to your practices needs, and we meet you where you’re at in your Airway & Breathing Disorders journey and develop a plan just for you. You are welcome to come to our Erie practice, or we can make arrangements to come to your practice as well.


This past weekend we welcomed Dr. Sasha Sherry, a Pennsylvania-based dentist, to our office in Erie, PA. Our in-office training program was dedicated to her specific needs. We saw two-full days of live patients, including new patients with a diagnosis of OSA and CPAP Intolerance. We demonstrated inserting and titrating oral appliances and conducted real follow-up visits. Nothing was staged, everything was real-world, just as she will find in her own practice. We did our normal routines, just like we do each day! Dr. Sherry left with a sense of confidence, real-world training, all her questions were answered, and she is ready to begin seeing patients for Airway & Breathing Disorders. A huge plus about our program is, even when Dr. Sherry returns to her office and has questions, we will ALWAYS be available to guide and offer her assistance.

A special thank you to Dr. Sasha Sherry, we wish you all the best in your OSA efforts!






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