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Feedback from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Course

In February of this year, Dr. John Tucker was asked to present a course at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. His lecture, Dental Sleep Medicine: Clearing the Hurdles to Successful Implementation, was well-received by Dentists’ and staff alike.


The below comments are directly taken from the evaluation form. Great Job Dr. Tucker!

-Valuable information both for my own well being and my patients.

-Excellent lecturer. Very knowledgeable and made the subject matter very interesting.

-I believe that it will give me one more tool to help my patients with their quality of life….better understanding of their breathing, sleeping, and living.

-Very interesting, though I won’t treat, I definitely would advise.

-Very timely topic. Very well presented.

-The course provided knowledge on obstructive sleep apnea including the causes of it, how to screen for it, the interpretation of sleep studies, and the treatments for it.

-I really learned a lot from the speaker.

-It was nice to have a CE course close to our area. Working with the Pitt programs are helpful and convenient.

-Very Informative – sleep apnea and obstructive breathing disorders are deadly.

-This was a great class. It was incredibly interesting and can absolutely be incorporated into general practice.

-Dr Tucker was one of best speakers at a course that I have attended.

-It confirmed many of the treatments I am already doing.

-Great Lecture

-I was thoroughly impressed with the course. Dr. Tucker had my full attention . I learned so much more than I thought I already knew.

-Very informative could be very practical if I was much younger nonetheless good information to share with patients.

-I work in a practice that has been doing sleep App. Cases on and off for a few months now. This class was very informative and showed great points. So well that we were telling our pts. About our class all day at work today. Thank you!!!

-Great class

-Very informative on a subject I was not previously educated on.

-I will take this information learned in this class to help my family members and patients from this day forward! What a great class full of options to help every individual.

-It was was good, although I doubt I will do sleep dentistry.

-Very convenient location for obtaining live CE credits.

-I Didn’t know what to expect . Answered some questions.

-This is a subject that I have been interested in for sometime. As a dental lab technician and hygienist I am sure it will help with my patient education.

-Very interesting

-Very informative and fascinating


If you’re wondering what to get from a Tucker course, these are just a few experiences! Join us online or in-person. You can view upcoming opportunities, here.





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