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In-Person Lecture with Dr. Hindin & Dr. Tucker – RECAP and Course Visuals

This past weekend in Connecticut was an eye-opening and truly riveting course. Dr. Tucker and Dr. Hindin were able to present a unique way of practicing dentistry based on the patient’s physiology and airway health. Various screening, treatment options, and bite registrations for oral appliance therapy for the OSA patient were discussed based on HRV. 🤯

This course was unique in the traditional sense, as it encourages the Dentist to develop treatment plans based on function and physiology, as well as evaluating patient complaints and relation to overall health and wellness.

Thank You to all our participants who came to screen, treat and offer solutions for Airway & Breathing Disorders.

Visuals From Drs. Hindin & Tucker seminar, Physiological Dentistry & Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment. December 2 – 3, 2022 in Windsor Locks, CT.


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