Airway and Breathing Disorders Inclusive – Mount Pleasant


Complete the basic implementation of dental sleep medicine into your practice, and consider your next steps for growing this patient service.

Course Description – DAY 1:

  • Basics of Sleep, Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders
  • The Role of the Dentist in Sleep Medicine
  • Screening for Sleep Disorders
  • Testing: PSG and HST; The Developing Role of Pulse Oximetry
  • Management of Airway and Breathing Disorders (SRBD)
  • Oral Appliances for Airway and Breathing Disorders
  • The Jaw / Bite Registration for Construction of an Oral Appliance (Demonstration and Hands-on exercise)
  • Sleep Bruxism: The Entry Point for the Dentist
  • The Role of 3D Imaging in Airway and Breathing Disorders
  • Medical Billing
  • Marketing and Practice Management


“Clinical Management of Your Dental Sleep Medicine Patients”

  • Treatment Sequencing and Related Appointments
  • Consultation, Impression and Bite Registration
  • Record Collection – SOAP Notes
  • How to Answer Questions Without the Doctor’s Presence
  • Delivery of the Oral Appliance
  • Fitting and Adjusting the Appliance to Correct Comfort and Bite
  • Follow-Up Appointments
  • Address the Patient’s Needs Regarding Issues or Complaints


  • Basic Review of Sleep, Breathing Disorders and Neurobiology
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep
  • Health and Medical Conditions Related to Sleep
  • Sleep Bruxium Update
  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • Sleep Related TMD/TMJ/OFP (includes headache)
  • Management of the Edentulous Patient
  • Imaging for Breathing Disorders
  • Review of Oral Appliances (all aspects)
  • Attendee Case Review(s)
  • Follow-Up Testing
  • Other Sleep Disorders of Interest and Concern