Medical Billing Expert Panel – How to Effectively Apply Medical Insurance in a Dental Practice – (7/20/21)


SPEAKERS: Randy Curran, Founder/CEO of Pristine Medical Billing,  Debbie Ruka, Director of Reimbursement Team, Mellisa Koger, Director of Oral Surgery and TMD Billing, Monica Edwards, Case Presentation Specialist

TIME: 7:00PM-9:00PM

During this two hour webinar, the team from Pristine Medical Billing will discuss what can be billed to medical insurance from a dental office, when to bill it and when to keep it as a cash pay. Everything from implants, to bone grafting, TMD treatments, sleep apnea cases, and CBCT scans will be discussed in detail.

We will also take a deep dive into sleep apnea case presentations and how to handle objections.

There is a financial strategy to each case, do you know the best strategy to use to maximize the reimbursement and case acceptance? If not, please join us and learn from the experts. If you do know, please join us just to hang out with some cool folks and collaborate alongside us with the open question forum.