Sleep Talking with David Walton!

Sleep Talking with David Walton, a Whole You Podcast!

There’s a new dental podcast in town, and it’s got everyone sleep talking!  Hosted by industry authority, David Walton CEO of Respire Medical, he interviews various experts in the field and asks all the questions everyone is thinking.  Titled Sleep Talking with David Walton – the Whole You podcast is on its third episode and they all have a common theme – improving the way dental sleep medicine is understood, practiced and talked about.  David is hitting all the hot buttons in airway and breathing disorders management, and the latest release features pulmonologist, Mario Kinsella MD, MMM, FCCP and Tucker Educational Excellence founder, John Tucker DMD, DABDSM, DICOI.  The three industry juggernauts sat down to share their different focuses and involvement in sleep-related breathing disorders, and surprisingly so – they all share the same intention, passion and message.

Topics discussed in the podcast include: medication, home sleep testing, treatment methods, working with physicians, recap of sleep and sleep health, pitfalls from referrals and ways to overcome, importance of communication (physician, dentist, patient), being patient centric, professionalism, and the important message of getting into treating sleep apnea patients for the RIGHT reasons.

Take a listen to latest podcast from Whole You, Sleep Talking with David Walton!

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[EPISODE 2]. Personalizing Sleep Health Care: How Sleep Disorders And Medication (Don’t) Mix



On average, 50 to 70 million people in the U.S. experience one or several sleep disorders. On this episode, we explore the importance of tailoring sleep health care for each patient and the benefits of relying less on medication for treatment. This episode’s guests are Dr. Mario Kinsella, an expert pulmonologist with over 41 years of experience, and Dr. John Tucker, a dentist specialized in obstructive sleep apnea with over 37 years of experience.

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