What happens when you mix Glidewell, Dr. John Tucker and Austin Texas?

Only the most wonderful seminar experience in the industry!

Glidewell Laboratory and Dr. John Tucker joined forces this past weekend in Austin Texas to provide a room full of open-minded, progressive and determined dental professionals top-notch education on the topic of airway and breathing disorders in the dental space.

If you’re familiar with Dr. John Tucker, from Tucker Educational Excellence, then you know he leads one of the few dental sleep medicine courses in the industry that keeps attendees wide awake and completely involved, impressed, and enthusiastic to implement an airway management protocol. If your preferred methods of learning include information backed by science and medicine, hands-on participation, fun and humor – then join Dr. Tucker in the classroom. View upcoming schedule.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Austin sleep seminar! We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming Amplification course!


-Austin Pictures-

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