A Breakout Session, Just For The Team!

What to expect during the team-focused breakout session, “Clinical Management of Your Dental Sleep Medicine Patients”…

During the Tucker Educational Excellence two-day lecture, Airway and Breathing Disorders Amplified, one of the days is 100% dedicated to the success of the team. The only seminar using this model, we breakaway the team members from the dentists, and offer both classrooms a dedicated session which pertains to information they need to know the most. The special breakout session for the team is lead by Mrs. Tammy Caldwell, who has been Dr. John Tuckers chairside assistant for the past five years.

Words like ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’ are popular comments regarding Tammy’s program, and the hands-on portion of the course is always fun, informative and resonates well with attendees. During the breakaway session, Tammy covers important topics for the team which include:


• Treatment Sequencing and Related Appointments

• Consultation, Impression and Bite Registration

• Record Collection – SOAP Notes

• How to Answer Questions Without the Doctor’s Presence

• Delivery of the Oral Appliance

• Fitting and Adjusting the Appliance to Correct Comfort and Bite

• Follow-Up Appointments

• Address the Patient’s Needs Regarding Issues or Complaints


In addition, Tammy provides hands-on instruction for taking the “perfect Impression” using the Kettenbach line of quality impression materials. If you’re a dental office looking to amp up your airway and breathing disorders practice, bring the team, and join us in the classroom. Next seminars can be found here.


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