Important things to consider when searching for a CEU lecture

 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 
Benjamin Franklin


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This week’s focus is on important things to consider when searching for a CEU lecture in airway & breathing disorders management.  In a market so saturated with seminars on Dental Sleep Medicine, picking an education partner – not just a CEU, is a must.

  Below we will give our five most important things to consider before hitting that ‘register now’ button.


Before You Commit, Be Sure Of The Following:


• Reputation.  Find a speaker or education company that has a positive reputation in the industry.  Make sure your chosen speaker has a proven track record of success in implementing a sleep protocol in their own practice.  Also, longevity in the industry is a sign of dedication and good intent. Make sure your speaker is not new to dental sleep medicine and has the proper accreditation.


• Referrals.  A referral from a trusted dental colleague is a great way to find a course that is the ‘real deal’.  Checking online reviews is also a great way to feel out what to expect from your education partner.  Remember, it’s not only about getting the CEU, it’s about finding a partner for the journey.


• Proven Protocol.  Find a course that has a protocol that can easily be implemented and provides a comprehensive roadmap to successful implementation.  Also, look for a company that provides different levels of education.  That way, you can stay consistent with your education and implementation methods.


• No Sales! Avoid CEU lectures that have a hard sales push for a product or service.  When sales are the motivation for the seminar, the intention shifts from education to hitting sales goals.


• Accessibility beyond the classroom.  Your education choice should become your airway and breathing disorders partner throughout your entire sleep journey.  Having a partnership means having access to your speaker (and their team) long after the lecture is over.  If you’re able to create a lasting partnership with your education company, that means you’ve made the best education choice for your practice.


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