TEE Time – Tip # 3 – Hurdles in Airway & Breathing Disorders and Tips to Overcome

In this week’s TEE Time, Dr. Dennis Bailey discusses some of the most common hurdles as to why dentists are reluctant to get into the management of sleep-related breathing disorders utilizing an oral appliance.



-These Hurdles Include-


-Difficulty in working with physician colleagues or getting referrals.  (We show you how to navigate this relationship, and communication is key!)


-Reaching a comfort level with oral appliances and choosing the one that is most optimum for that patient. (Hint, have a couple options on hand that you’re comfortable with and branch out from there.)


-Reimbursement.  Did you know many of your patient’s insurance will likely cover sleep apnea therapy?  We show you how to be a player in this area, and it’s also good to have a partner here.


Dr. John Tucker and Dr. Dennis Bailey have teamed up to offer dental professionals’ access to courses that allow the dentist (and team members) to reach the most optimum level of comfort in this area.  Our courses achieve this through solid education and continuous guidance.  Even after your course is complete, we will still be your education partner and make ourselves available for any questions, tips, suggestions, and we always share our resources with you!


TEE offers two different course levels, which allow dental professionals to first implement an airway & breathing disorders protocol, then return back to learn how to amplify it.  The first course is an essentials course (intro) and the second course is the amplification course (advanced).   We found this structure to be most optimal for the dentist and team, and offices can implement our protocol with confidence and realistic expectations.


Tucker Educational Excellence has a program for any experience level, and we look forward to sharing it with you in the near future.


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