Dental Continuing Education in Charleston, SC

Did you know that Charleston has a very deep-rooted and significant history when it comes to education?  That’s because the city of Charleston was the first to open and offer a municipal college in America.  This public college was built in 1724, in the heart of Charleston.


Maybe this is why we love bringing our Complete Program to Charleston?  Besides being a lovely city, education is taken very seriously and our attendees are always open to receive our educational platform and protocol.


Our Essentials course, which happened February 21 – 22nd, was filled with focused dentists ready to return back to the office on Monday and implement our airway & breathing disorders management protocol.  During our two-day seminar titled, Airway & Breathing Disorders – The Essentials, dental offices learned the following:


• Basics of Sleep, Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders
•The Role of the Dentist in Sleep Medicine
•Screening for Sleep Disorders
•Testing: PSG and HST; The Developing Role of Pulse Oximetry
•Management of Airway and Breathing Disorders (SRBD)
•Oral Appliances for Airway and Breathing Disorders (SRBD)
•The Jaw/Bite Registration for Construction of an Oral Appliance (Demonstration and Hands-On Exercise)
•Sleep Bruxism: The Entry Point for the Dentist
•The Role of 3D Imaging in Airway and Breathing Disorders
•Medical Billing
•Marketing and Practice Management


During our Complete Program, we also provide a special breakout session, just for the team!  This session is lead by Dr. John Tuckers’ longtime dental assistant, Tammy Caldwell.  Her lecture is titled, ‘Clinical Management of your Dental Sleep Medicine Patients’.  Here is a snapshot of what our team members learned in Charleston:


• Treatment Sequencing and Related Appointments
•Consultation, Impression and Bite Registration
•Record Collection – SOAP Notes
•How to Answer Questions Without the Doctor’s Presence
•Delivery of the Oral Appliance
•Fitting and Adjusting the Appliance to Correct Comfort and Bite
•Follow-Up Appointments
•Address the Patient’s Needs Regarding Issues or Complaints


If your practice is looking to implement or amplify an Airway & Breathing Disorders Practice, join us in the classroom.  We can help get you there!


Upcoming Course Calendar


Pictures from the seminar!

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