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TEE’s In-Person & Online Courses!

Join Us Online, IN-Person, or Offshore!

This year is full of learning opportunities at Tucker Educational Excellence!

Join us online for our monthly LIVE webinars, including our Essentials and Amplification Courses, and our Clinical Management of Dental Sleep Medicine Patients Course.

Looking for an in-person course? We now have our live, in-person lectures back on the calendar! Our first date is October 8 – 9th in South Carolina, more info below!

Lastly, interested in an exciting excursion course? This year TEE is offering an offshore course, EXTREME TEE Offshore.

Scroll On, For More Information!


LIVE Monthly Webinar’s

Upcoming Essentials & Amplification Webinars

Upcoming Clinical Management of DSM Patients Webinars

Upcoming IN-Person Lecture

Extreme TEE Offshore – An In-person Excursion










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