Extreme TEE Offshore Program Visuals – Atlantic City, NJ

What is Extreme TEE Offshore?

It’s A 3-day Airway and Breathing Disorders program providing 3 major opportunities:

-Extreme Education

On Day One, you’ll have 8-hours of in-depth training with John Tucker, DMD. Dr. Tucker is renowned for his personalized training in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment. This course is limited to six (6) attendees, so you’ll have Dr. Tucker’s personal attention.

-Extreme Entertainment

On days two and three, we’ll be taking you out for some extreme fishing on the DUE FRATELLI, a 40 ft. Sportfish Express vessel. Besides some extreme fun, you’ll also have Dr. Tucker onboard to present additional information and answer more of your questions.

-Extreme Empowerment

Due to Dr. Tucker’s teaching methods, you’ll leave the course with information you can take back to your practice and UTILIZE. You’ll be empowered to introduce or expand Airway and Breathing Disorders treatment in your office.




Here are the visuals from this past weekends EXTEME TEE OFFSHORE!


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