2019 World Sleep Congress – Did you go?

Dr. John Tucker was asked to speak during the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, and the following post is a recap he wrote about his experience – incase you missed it…

This past weekend, the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver was incredibly monumental and impactful for dentists involved in this area of practice. My intention is to share my personal experience, in hopes of drawing attention to such a great organization – offering progressive strategies and methods in the area of Airway and Breathing Disorders. I encourage my fellow dental professionals, involved in any capacity of sleep, to consider attending the next World Sleep Congress in 2021. It won’t disappoint, as there was something worthwhile for any level of involvement in dental sleep medicine.

I was asked to speak on the topic of “Patient Management Before and After OA Insertion”, and to say I was delighted would be an understatement. In fact, I would be so bold as to say it was the pinnacle of my speaking/teaching career. The focus of my keynote presentation was based on the clinical aspects of how we manage the sleep related breathing disordered patient. The best part, I was included in a group of professionals that got to focus on the research, the evidence and the data. I was able to offer findings through science and practical implementation on what actually happens in a clinical setting. After my lecture, a few keynote speakers commented that they appreciated the clinical setting discussion, as most dentists and team members find hurdles here, which oftentimes makes them want to give up.

The other presentations were fantastic, and I was grateful to be a student that weekend, too. Keynote speakers including Dr. Alan Lowe, Dr. Kate Sutherland, Dr. Gail Demko, Dr. Leslie Dort, Dr. Fernanda Almeida, Dr. Peter Cistulli, Dr. Gilles Lavigne, and Dr. Marie Marklund were phenomenal, offering pearls of wisdom and experience.

If you missed this year’s 2019 World Sleep Congress, I encourage you to register for the 2021 meeting. If you’re a dentist looking to amplify your airway and breathing disorders practice, we would be honored to be your mentor. You can find us in the classroom with Tucker Educational Excellence, where we offer two-day CEU lectures on the essentials of airway and breathing disorders management, as well as a more advanced amplification course. You can find more information on our courses here, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 World Sleep Congress, or in the classroom in the meantime.

Pictures from the meeting


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